Studio FAQs

Do make sure to read through my FAQs but if there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to drop me an email: and I shall get back to you ASAP.

How should I prepare for a headshot session?

This is an opportunity to showcase who you are. It’s not so much about portraying a character but stripping it away to get to the person underneath. So really, there’s nothing to worry about – just be you. 

Arrive on time. You don’t want to be stressing and sweaty from a mad dash from the tube.  Plan ahead so you can feel prepared and in control.

Don’t under-estimate good rest and plenty of water beforehand. You won’t do yourself any favours if you’re not well rested. Get a good night’s sleep and have breakfast. Above all, resist the temptation to go to the pub, at least the night before. Photoshop can do wonders to any bothersome bags under the eyes from a heavy night’s drinking. But your hungover soul is not so easy to airbrush. Best to err on the side of caution and turn up feeling fresh and ready to present your #bestself

What should I wear for a headshot session?

Actors, please feel free to bring as many outfits, items of clothing or wardrobes as you see fit. Once you arrive we’ll hang everything up and make a game-plan. Nothing is set in stone, but having an idea will help the flow of the session.As a rule of thumb though, avoid anything with logos on it, it won’t work. Same goes for very busy patterns. Darker shades work well: Maroon, Navy, Emerald, Mustard etc. An item the colour of your eyes is always a winner. Maybe a wild card too! And don’t neglect a plain black and/or white t-shirt/short/blouse.

Note: Feel free to snap a few selfies in the mirror with outfits you’re considering and send them over via email if you’d like any advice.


Corporate clients, think how best you’d like to represent yourself, and how much variation you might like. A suit and tie will present something different to an open polo-neck. The same way a blazer and a blouse will give a different feel to a dress. The more options you bring the higher likelihood of variation. However, if you’re after one specific look only, that’s equally valid. I’m here to accommodate what you’d like to get out of the session, so the choice is yours!

As a rule of thumb though: Suits / Shirts / Blouses / Dresses are all perfectly acceptable. Nothing too bright though (luminous) as this can create a slight colour cast across the face.

It’s also worth considering whether you want jewellery in your Headshot, it can’t be removed afterwards. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear earrings/necklaces, but perhaps nothing too large as this might pull focus.

Note: Women do think about bringing suitable bras for your various tops – under Studio lighting, a black bra beneath a white top for example might show through.

What to do with hair and make-up for a headshot session?

Note: Please turn up prepped and ready to go. This is your time in the Studio and I’m here to accommodate you, but that time is far better spent in front of the camera than the mirror. That said, a few moments making sure everything looks prim and proper before we start is a must.

Hair – don’t get it cut right before your session – you might not like it or it won’t have had time to settle into itself (1-2 weeks) For those with long hair, do bring hair spray, serum etc. Bare in mind, Photoshop can be used to remove general fly aways, but I never remove all of them as it tends to look ‘photoshopped’ (heaven-forbid) Best to capture what we can in camera (we’ll continually be keeping an eye on it throughout the session) but do make an effort to be happy with your hair on the day and not rely on the retouch/edit.

Beards – the same applies, you’re more than welcome to shave mid-shoot, if so I would advise taking your time to avoid any nicks or cuts.

Make Up: Subtlety is key – I’ll leave that to your own discretion. You can always add more as the session goes. Bear in mind – little spots, rashes etc. can be easily removed in the edit, so not necessary to cover up with heavy powder. That said, do bring a little to combat shine if needed.

Actors, you’re unlikely to walk into a casting with ‘paint an inch thick’, so probably best to look similar in the headshots which represent you. Please don’t worry about blemishes and little spots (or big ones either). Photoshop is there as a tool should, sod’s law, any unwanted maladies pop-up the day before your shoot. Also, Lip Balm. Worth considering. Yes, I’m talking to you too gents – a little sheen to the lips never hurts.

Note: If you’d like to hire a Professional Make-Up Artist, you’re more than welcome – however, make-up will have to be completed before you arrive.

How are the Headshot edited?

I retouch all my images myself, this way I can be 100% sure of the final quality. All images are colour-graded and fine tuned before being uploaded to your Photo Workflow account – and once ordered, they undergo a retouching process. The goal is to keep the editing light and natural – subtle smoothing of the skin, removal of flyaway hairs and adjustments of any unwanted distractions (dust/stains etc) are all included.

Please note, I won’t ‘slim down’ any facial features or body parts, to me this is unethical and I’d like to think after a session with me, you shall see yourself in a new light and be able to embrace exactly who you are without wanting to change your appearance. Embrace your flaws, they are want make you unique, and this is a wonderful thing 🙂

How long does it take to see my shoot and receive my edits?

Your completed colour-graded album of images shall be uploaded and ready to view on your personal (and private) Photo Workflow account within 48 hours. Once your edits have been ordered, you shall receive back your professionally retouched shots within 7 working days (expedited editing and delivery can be purchased if you’re in a rush and need to get your shots out to the world ASAP!)

Can I have access to the unedited images?

I’m afraid not. However, I offer a Session buyout option which enables you to purchase all images from your session which have been colour-graded and adjusted (just not retouched).

How do I pay for a Headshot session?

Bookings are taken through my Photo Workflow page. A deposit of £50  is taken at the time of booking (which is non-refundable). An invoice for the remainder of the Session Fee shall be sent separately via email (to be paid BEFORE the session date, via Bank Transfer).

Can I purchase Headshots Edits and Extras?

All sessions include 3 retouched high-resolution images (delivered both in full frame and cropped to 10×8) Individual extras can be purchased directly through Photo Workflow for £50 each. I also offer Portfolio upgrades (10 shots instead of 3) and Session Buyouts (all images) should you be interested.

What’s Photo Workflow?

Photo Workflow is an Online Booking Page where you can create your very own client account. Here you’re able to schedule a time/date, pick your shot(s) once done, order extras, and receive your edit(s) seamlessly.

What if I need to reschedule an Headshot Session?

Deposits are non-refundable. If, for whatever reason you can’t make the shoot, let me know and we can reschedule (48hr prior to the start time) – after this point however, should you wish to reschedule, another Deposit/Session Fee will have to be paid – as any new diary bookings shall no longer be able to be taken at such short notice. Thanks for your understanding. But regardless, please do everything you can to make your Session date!

What type of Cameras & Equipment are used during the Headshot session?

I shoot exclusively with Leica cameras and lenses. They are seen the world over as the best in the business (which is reflected in their price!). And I can attest to their quality. After having used Canon, Fuji, Nikon and Sigma in the past – Leica helps to create truly unforgettable Portraits. As for Lighting, again, the best in the business – Profoto. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands with the highest grade equipment. Why settle for anything less?!

I hate having my picture taken, what should I do to be more confident in a Headshot session?

I’m exactly the same. A complete hypocrite, I know. But my advice is to relax. I shoot through conversation, so we’ll just chat, a lot… The aim is to capture real-life expressions instead of pesky poses.

What is the APHP?

The APHP is the Association of Professional Headshot Photographers, of which I am on the Board and help oversee the day-to-day running of the company as well as organising and programming their photography workshops.

The Association was set up to help give potential clients an assurance that booking with one of our members meant they were in safe hands – we have just 28 accepted members in the whole of the UK. There are many people who call themselves ‘Headshot Photographers’ (more and more each day) but few who really have the experience and know-how to guarantee every client will receive exceptional images for themselves and their businesses.
If you’d like to know more, feel free to visit our website:

What is the Make Your Mark Community?

The MYM Community is all about empowering my clients to succeed in their chosen Industry, whether it a career in Entertainment or the Corporate world. By joining us, you’re not just getting headshots—you’re becoming part of a supportive network dedicated to helping you make your mark with confidence. As a member you’ll receive a 50% discount for ALL future sessions and will receive free edits (worth £50) for each new face you invite to joins us by booking a session. Share the word, join the community, reap the benefits!

How do I get to Cam Harle Photo Studio?

Located in the heart of Belsize Park, the Studio is a 5-10 minute walk from 3 tube stations: Belsize Park (Northern), Swiss Cottage (Jubilee) and Finchley Road (Jubilee/Metropolitan). The nearest Parking is Regency Car Park next to Swiss Cottage station. Once you arrive, ring the Flat 4 buzzer and come up to the top floor. A map can be found here.

Why choose a Headshot session with Cam Harle Photo?

I hope that having seen my Portfolio and in reading the info on this website, the answer speaks for itself. But to further reassure you, as a member of the APHP (Associate of Professional Headshot Photographers) rest assured I know a thing or two about delivering the best quality Headshots available.

When you book in for a session at Cam Harle Photo you automatically become a member of the Make Your Mark Community. This entitles you to 50% off all future Sessions as well as free edits for every friend/colleague you invite to the studio for a session.

There are plenty of wonderful Professional Headshot Photographers out there (a surplus of them here in London!) But where I feel I stand out, and my specific aim with every one of my clients hinges on the paramount idea that your Headshot should look like you – your genuine self.

Whether you’re looking for a Corporate Headshot for LinkedIn or to stand out with fresh new Actor Headshots, I’ve got you covered.

Still undecided? Take a look at my 250+ 5* Google reviews. I look forward to working with you soon!

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